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Micah Lamar

CEO Stock & Options Mentor Helping traders become more successful! Specializing in advanced technical analysis, option spreads and the Greeks!

The ‘AAPLTrader Blog’

Here’s the replay from yesterday’s Q and A with Jake Pelley… enjoy!

Join us for a 6o day workshop with one of the best income traders around. Jake has a flawless track record when it comes to selling options for income and we think you will love this new service.

Here’s what you get…
1. Immediate Access to Jake’s new group so you can get his trades emailed to you as he’s making them.

2. Access to 8 Live Training Sessions every Thursday at 11am for 60 Days. ( and access to all replays )

This will be FREE for all Premium Members paying $97/month or more.

Current Premium Members will Automatically Get Access simply by Joining Jake’s new Group.

New members can get an early bird discount by Joining Premium Access for $97/month before Oct 30th at midnight!
After October 30th Jake’s Group and Live Training Sessions will be $247/month

Early Bird Registration is now Open. Click Here to Join Jake’s Workshop before the price goes up!

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Giddy Up, AAPL beat estimates and reported nice guidance going forward. Here’s the Meet Up from today’s AAPL Earnings MeetUp. We covered AAPL Analysis plus we looked at how to use at the money calls and puts to find out how much move the market has priced into an earnings gap. Trade Safe!

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AAPL Earnings Contest

Guess where AAPL will open tomorrow morning and Win!

Place your guess by posting a comment below this post

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Here’s Andy’s MeetUp replay from this morning… enjoy!

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Here’s the replay from Andy’s Market Preview Meet Up from this morning… enjoy

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