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The ‘AAPLTrader Blog’

Here’s part 8 of Jake’s workshop…. enjoy!

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Here’s the Replay from this morning’s MeetUp with Andy Fetter. Today was very insightful, thanks!

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Here’s the replay from Andy’s MeetUp this morning… enjoy!

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Here’s Andy’s Replay from this morning’s MeetUp…enjoy!


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Video: The best ways to Profit from AAPL’s Dividend!

Method #1) Buy and hold AAPL Traders are most likely classified as investors. The easiest way to profit from AAPL’s dividend is to reinvest the payout back into the stock. This creates slow and steady results at first but as compounding interest grows so does your account size.

Learn more by Grabbing your Free AAPLTrader Case Study on the Right Sidebar of this page.

Method #2) Many investors rely on the income from their AAPL dividend as a source of income. These types of investors are likely to receive their dividend as a cash pay out. This method does not create compounding interest but is a nice form of cash flow.

Method #3) Use options to capture time decay if AAPL drifts sideways before the dividend date.

The next AAPL Dividend date will be around February 6th, 2015.

If you look back in time you’ll notice that many times AAPL stock will go sideways for a few days before the dividend date and will often drop the day of the date. If this is true, can we just short AAPL stock before the dividend date? There is no free lunch on Wall Street and if you short the stock to try and catch the ride down you will have to pay the dividend your self. This means that it ends up being a wash and after commissions you could end up losing money on the trade.

Here’s some helpful AAPL Dividend Dates for you, hope this helps and don’t forget to grab your free AAPL Case study via the form on the right.

Trade Safe,

AAPLTrader Team




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